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Pierre-Yves Dalka, the creative behind Daruma Media, was born 1988 in South Africa of German and French parents. After matriculating from the German School in Johannesburg, he spent a year volunteering at a school in Buenos Aires and another as an intern in the South African film industry. He moved to Germany to study a B. A. in Comparative Literature (Augsburg), a M. A. in Cultural Studies (HU Berlin), and a M. A. in Fashion Design (UdK Berlin) with semesters spent at the Universities of Johannesburg and Pretoria. At the same time he has been producing films, running art, fashion and music projects and listening to as many people as he can. His languages include German and English (as a native speaker) as well as French, Spanish, Russian and Northern Sotho/Sepedi.

“Film is a unifying art form. It depends on the diversity of creative disciplines and on an interplay of many participants, each and every one contributing her or his own vital part. The images created have the power to shape their audience’s view of the world. Film has thus the potential to be a very social medium that, if done well, reminds us of the fertility of joint efforts at times when our diversity is being challenged by others.”

Pierre-Yves Dalka / py_dalka@hotmail.com