Daruma – Von der Sehnsucht, die keine Grenzen kennt (“Daruma”)

Short film | Germany | 2011 | 7 min.

Written, directed and edited by: Pierre-Yves Dalka | DOP: Andreas Bee, Pierre-Yves Dalka | Production Design: Christoph Gerzabek | Cast: Stefanie Teuber, Ingeborg S., Martin Braun, Sylvia Teuber

A young girl yearns to travel the big wide world. An old woman has lived this dream. Now she can tell her all about it and the young girl listens attentively.

Screenings and awards*:
Video-der-Generationen, Gera (2011)* / Jufinale Schwaben, Augsburg (2011)* / Jufinale Bayern, Kulmbach (2012)