Heimat (“Home”)

Short film | Germany | 2012 | 10 min.

Script, Direction, Editing: Pierre-Yves Dalka | DOP: Andreas Düren, Stephan Gelenscher | Sound: Benedikt Mühle, Ben Guthmann | Cast: Awa Kebe, Heide Ewerth, Mathias Fiedler | Produced in collaboration with Bluespots Productions and “In eigener Regie” (JFF/BLM)

A young Bavarian on a bicycle collides with a Congolese refugee amidst of an Alpine arcadia. The bike is broken and they are forced to continue their paths together. But they soon learn that the idyllic German landscape shall not offer a home for everyone.

Screenings and awards*:
Internationaler Flüchtlingstag, Augsburg (2012) / Hohes Friedensfest, Augsburg (2012) / Schwabentag, Kaufbeuren (2012) / Kültürtage, Augsburg (2012) / FiSH (Festival im Stadthafen), Rostock (2013) / Deutsche Autoren-Filmfestspiele, Jülich (2013)* / Cinemigrante, Buenos Aires (2013) / brigade des images, Paris (2013) / Jufinale Schwaben, Augsburg (2013)* / Jufinale Bayern, Regensburg (2014)* / Internationale Kurzfilmwoche, Regensburg (2015)